Friday, January 2, 2015

Boys + Coffee


You need a job, and you need a job bad. The local coffee shop isn’t a bad option—it’s one of the more popular hangouts, so you’d be able to see all of your friends pretty frequently. Not to mention the free coffee. And then there’s Joko. He looks like trouble. But he works in the coffee shop’s kitchen, and though he talks tough, you wonder what he’s really about…

Hello and Happy New Year! I’ve been really fortunate to be able to help Lindsay a tiny (tiny) bit with Great Personality: The Idealists over the last few weeks. Man, it is just about the coolest project EVER. I kind of wish I could just work on this all day every day. I love all of the characters, and I really love the stories Lindsay has been cooking up for these guys. It’s hard to have a favorite, but I can definitely say that Shanti Rittgers’s Joko is on my list. Above is a little preview featuring him in one of the backgrounds I created. That’s the other really fun part about this project: we’ve been fleshing out the Great Personality world. Not only will you learn more about the people, but you’ll learn more about the city they live in. Tell you a little secret? I LOVE cities. So this is basically a dream project.
We’ve got a few more sneak peeks for you in the upcoming weeks till the ACTUAL RELEASE OF THE GAME. Eeeeeee!!! I’ll talk with y’all soon!


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