Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winston Joel - What a cutie.

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Winston Joel (Richie Pope's character from the Idealists game) is adorable -- just look at those eyes! I've been working on his spaces over the last couple days and wanted to share a peek of his room. This guy is immaculate.
He lives just outside the city - about 20 minutes by train. The air is cleaner out here and there are plenty of spaces around where a person can sit and daydream. He doesn't mind the commute -- in fact, it gives him a bit more time to relax and binge on another chapter. Best sellers or indie-publishing... it doesn't really matter. 
I had a great time working on his room -- as you can see, he's a big fan of Francesca Buchko's artwork (heh heh -- thanks Francesca, for the use of your awesome work for the wall-art in this scene!) 
I did a couple more backgrounds done this last week and sat around with Francesca Buchko as she worked on a couple more public spaces for the Idealists to explore. Maybe she'll share some of her process? We'll see! 
Wish me luck!

---Lindsay Nohl


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