Friday, February 20, 2015

BOSS RUSH! Opening March 20th

We are just one month away from the opening reception of BOSS RUSH!

Boss Rush Preview
Preview of The Basilisk Leviathan by Marianne Vincent

Join us on March 20th from 7-10pm for a video game-inspired exhibition, including new illustrations and epic artwork made by 100+ illustrators and designers from around the globe.

Years after the closing credits roll on our favorite video games, memories of classic boss battles live on in in infamy. This large group exhibition showcases new work by each artist as they come to grips with their love/hate relationship with the villain of their choosing from video gaming’s deep history.

Boss Rush Preview
Preview of Perk up, loser Prince by Shermaine Tan

Are you ready for the BOSS RUSH!?

Artists have payed homage to a variety of bad guys such as Kerrigan of Starcraft, Mother Brain from Super Metroid, Hogger from World of Warcarft, Barbara from Shadow of the Colossus, and so many more! Come relish in victories, celebrate your triumphs, and relive your favorite battles during the BOSS RUSH! Exhibition!

Boss Rush Preview
Preview of We Are All Beasts by Doug Lobo

As we lead up to the opening reception, we will be sharing sneak peeks and previews of artwork. Keep your eyes out for your favorite bad guys, video games, and artists, as well as additional artist interviews and features! You can find more information about the opening reception, see the list of participating artists, and invite friends on the facebook event page here.

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