Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Guts Artists Announced!


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our GUTS participating artists!
Part exploration, part education, part evisceration -- we want to know what's really underneath the surface. So dust off your field guides, scalpels, and stay-at-home taxidermist's manuals, and join us for an exhibition that peels back the skin of all of the subjects you've ever wanted to know more about.

Opening April 17th
On display through May 15th

7 - 10 pm @ Light Grey Art Lab
118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 USA • 1.612.239.2047

Alex Konstad
Angela Rizza
Anine Bösenberg
Ann Macarayan
Beth Zaiken
Blok Magnaye
Brandon Robertson
Bridget Underwood
Cai Vail
Caitlin McCormack
Cathryn Virginia
Chris Kindred
Claire Hummel
Cornelia Li
Dan Des Eynon
Daniel Shaffer
Delia Evin
Emory Allen
Erika Rier
Frances Alvarez
Francesca Buchko
J Zachary Keenan
Jessica Cheng
Jessica Roux
JL Anderson
Julia Rothman
Kate O'Hara
Kelley McNorris
Kelsey Wroten
Kim Peterson
Kirsty Hambrick
Kristina Drake
Kyle Harabedian
Lana Crooks
Lindsay Ann Watson
Lisa Manuzak
Lisa Perrin
Lucas Durham
Maggy Ivy
Marianne Vincent
Marisa Seguin
Meredith Miotke
Miranda Meeks
Molly Mendoza
Nicole Xu
Philippe Poirier
Phoenix Chan
Pierre Kleinhouse
Rachel Frankel
Rachel Kahn
Rachel Maves
Rebecca Olene
Robyn Mitchell
Rovina Cai
Scott Bakal
Sophie Bryant
Stephanie Shafer
Stephanie Singleton
Su Limbert
Te Chao
Teagan White
Thomas Campi
Vaughan Pinpin
Yoshi Yoshitani
Zoe Keller
ZoeZoe Sheen

And, of course, we'll be showcasing the wondrous works of Lana Crooks as our featured artist during the Guts Exhibition!

During the GUTS exhibition, Light Grey Art Lab will be hosting a ton of great new programming including some new spring classes, featured artist interviews and much more! Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted with things as we get closer to Opening Night!



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