Friday, March 27, 2015

Join us for GlitchCon 2015!

Join us this weekend, March 28th + 29th, for GlitchCon 2015!

We are thrilled to participate in this year's festivities and events! GlitchCon includes two days of guest panels, lectures, gaming tournaments, workshops, social hours and more! Some of the special guests and attendees include video game writers, producers, art directors, publishers, and board designers among others.

Our team at Light Grey Art Lab is teaching a workshop Sprite, Asset, and Effect Design for 2D Platformers on Saturday, where we will share some of the behind the scenes process and work for Dream Arcade and Great Personality! Saturday night, we are hosting an exhibition and reception for BOSS RUSH! We are showcasing the top ten pieces nominated by our guest jurors, as well as a projection of all 100+ pieces!

Dream Arcade Preview
Dream Arcade Level by Joey McCormick

We have also been selected to participate in Minnecade! Come stop by our booth Sunday morning, as we table alongside tons of other game makers, developers, and artists! You will get the first look at these unique indie games and local creations!

If you are interested in video games, board games, concept art, and want to meet other gamers in the community, we invite you to join the events! There are still a limited number of tickets available on the GlitchCon website here!


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