Wednesday, April 1, 2015

BOSS RUSH! Opening Recap

A huge thanks to everyone who made it out to the BOSS RUSH! opening reception! We had a packed house, great company, and a fun night recounting our favorite bad guys! It was an epic celebration of the 100+ pieces of artwork on the walls!

BOSS RUSH! Opening Reception

All night, guests proclaimed their love, hatred, and favorite memories from some of their cherished video games. You could hear the shock, excitement, and enthusiasm throughout the gallery! Pieces included topics from games such as Pokémon, Shadow of the Colossus, Pac Man, Street Fighter and more!

In additional to all of the physical pieces, we had an extra special interactive component, designed and created by artist Chris Schons. He displayed a Mega Man II inspired game filled with shrapnel, falling mechanical parts, and hidden details! Details and an online version will be available soon!

BOSS RUSH! Opening Reception

We also highlighted the favorites from our guest jurors to be displayed and recognized as the top ten pieces from the show! We asked Tim Turi and Ben Hanson (Game Informer), Adam May (Gearbox), and Claire Hummel (HBO) to select their top pieces from the exhibition. They selected the artwork of Miranda Meeks, Matt Rockefeller, Leonard Peng, Lydia Guadagnoli, Audrey Gonzalez, Ricardo Alvilés, Victor Maury, Chris Schons, Paul Reinwand, and Richie Pope.

BOSS RUSH! Opening Reception

If you were unable to celebrate with us in person, no problem! You can always check out the entire collection of artwork on the Light Grey website. Prints are also available on the Light Grey Shop through April 10th! To view more photographs of the opening reception and artwork, you can also see our flickr gallery here.

BOSS RUSH! Opening Reception
Here is a detail of Chris Schon's work displayed at the opening reception

Thanks again, everyone! We will see you on April 17th for the opening reception of GUTS!

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