Sunday, April 12, 2015

COSMOS Artists Announced!


Thank you to everyone who applied to the COSMOS Exhibition!

This September we're recreating the magic of the night sky! With 100 international artists revisiting the mythology and metaphors we know so well, and creating an illuminated exhibition -and- oracle deck project! Details on the installation and project will be posted closer to the opening reception!

Astral Bodies, Reinterpreted
100 Celestial histories by 100 international artists

Opens September 11, 2015 • 7 - 10pm
Light Grey Art Lab
118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Over the month of September / October, we'll be treating you to all sorts of cosmic workshops, get-togethers and plenty of universe-inspired projects.
Stay tuned for our upcoming line-up of events!

Participating Artists Include:

A. Sparrow
Adrian Majkrzak
Alex Dos Diaz
Alex Konstad
Alex Reynolds
Alexxander Dovelin
Alison George
Alyssa Nassner
Amanda Christensen
Ameorry Luo
Andrew Kolb
Angela An
Angela Rizza
Annejulie Painchaud
Ashleigh Hetrick
Barbara Guttman
Boya Sun
Brenna Lindblad
Bridget Underwood
Cai Vail
Camille Chew
Cari Corene
Caroline Jamhour
Catherine Ho
Cathy Kwan
Charlotte Gomez
Chie Boyd
Claire Hummel
Corinne Reid
Daniel Shaffer
Emily Cheeseman
Emily Walus
Emory Allen
Erik Krenz
Evan Palmer
Florian Pichon
Francesca Buchko
Grace Kim
James Lavella
Jana Heidersdorf
Jared Tuttle
Jay Barnham
Jen Bartel
Jenny Zych
Jessica Roux
Jimmy Malone
JL Hirten
Joe Lillington
Joey McCormick
Jorge De la Paz
Joy Ang
Junyi Wu
Justin Oaksford
Kaeti Vandorn
Kate O'Hara
Kelly Wagner
Kelsey Borch
Kim Sokol
Lara Paulussen
Lauren Duda
Lily Padula
Lindsay Nohl
Lisa Perrin
Liz Parlett
Lynn Wang
Marie and Maddie Matthews
Mariel Hester
Marta Szudyga
Matt Rockefeller
Melissa Somerville
Michael Okey
Monica Esquivel
Natalia Pierandrei
Nicole Gustafsson
Nicole Miles
Philippe Poirier
Phoenix Chan
Rodrigo Avilés
Rovina Cai
Sam Schechter
Sander B
Sarah Webb
Tim Liljefors
Shannon May
Shanti Rittgers
Shirley Chan
Cathryn Virginia
Sloane Kim
Soljee Lee
Sonia Liao
Sophie Blackhall-Cain
Stephen Wood
Susie Ghahremani
Taryn Gee
Teagan White
Trung Nguyen
Xanthe Bouma
Yoshi Yoshitani
Zoe Keller

Thanks again to the overwhelming amount of talented folks that put your name in the call for art!
We're very thankful and humbled at the response!

Looking forward to showing with you!



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