Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Guts all over the walls! Recap of the GUTS exhibition opening reception.

Guts Opening Reception
Thanks to everyone that came by for the GUTS opening reception!

Hey! Thanks to all the awesome artists and visitors that made the GUTS opening a huge success! We had gorgeous weather, an awesome feature in the City Pages A-list section (Thanks so much, Jessica Armbruster, for the shout out!), and slew of people wanting to come out and dissect all sorts of topics with us!

Featured Artist, Lana Crooks, came out for the event in full force, staying to eat donuts and chat on the podcast with us. I have to say, it was an incredible time in the days leading up to the exhibition when we watched everything come together all at once.

Take a peek at all the photos from the night HERE!

Guts Opening Reception
Time to explore the insides! "Exposure" by Kristina Drake

If you haven't had a chance to take a look at all of the pieces in the exhibition, now is the time. There's a great mix of 2d and 3d, lots of literal and metaphor heavy work in the show and plenty of things that will quench your thirst for knowledge. The show will be up through May 15th - and you'll have plenty of time to check out the work either online or in person.

All of the delightful specimens are up on the shop through the 15th!

Guts Opening Reception
Thanks, everyone, for stopping in!

Guts Opening Reception
Doors open, great weather, great company.

Guts Opening Reception
Walls lined with guts of all types: (from left to right) "Missing You" by Lindsay Anne Watson,"Mummified" by Maggie Ivy, "Cosmos" by Brandon Robertson, "A Floating Home Deconstructed" by Philippe Poirier, "The Planetarium Hypothesis" by Chris Kindred

Definitely stop by and say hello if you're in the neighborhood!


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