Thursday, April 23, 2015

PATCHES + STITCHES Artists Announced!


A huge welcome to all of the artists selected to participate in the upcoming Patches + Stitches Exhibition! Mark your calendars for July 3rd for a very special two-part opening reception and artist talk with local illustrator,Teagan White! Teagan is participating on the Patches side and will be leading a lecture and 2.5 day workshop that weekend, July 3rd-5th. You can see all of the details on the workshop here! More details for the exhibition and opening coming soon!.

Patches + Stitches Artists:

Aidan Vitti
Amanda Brown
Ashley Hohnstein
Angi Pauly Llobet
Asia Scott
Britt Hutchinson
Cai Vail
Chris Stavitsky
Chelsey Hughes
Christian Moser
Christopher Hegland
Claire Hummel
Daniel Fishel
Emory Allen
Glen Lowry
Hannah Culbert
James Lavella
Janelle Gramling
Jason Norman
Jonathan Randazzo
Kim Ku
Leigh Luna
Lillian Duermeier
Lindsay Nohl
Mira Ko
Patricia Thomasson
Rhys Jones of Lowwbones
Rob Krete
Rory Phillips
Sam Gerstner
Sarah Hedlund
Sarah Julson
Teagan White
Theresa Ptak
TJ Kelley III
Adam Pritchett
Agnieszka Grochalska
Alanna Stapleton
Alexxander Dovelin
Anika Starmer
Anne Ulku
Ashley Yazdani
Chloe Giordano
Clarissa Bean
Courtney Wirth
Eloise Biddlecombe
Erika Rier
Erin Lux
Francesca Gabrielle
Jenny Bookler
Josh Weatherlake
Kara Beckner
Kate Walsh
Katlyn Griffin
Kayla Wasil
Lana Crooks
Linda Winder
Luisa Uribe
Mackenzie Mollo
Meg Hunt
Melissa Stanley
Natalie Rowe
Rachel Frankel
Rachel Wingard
Rob Krete
Rosa sj Chang
Savannah Schroll Guz
Shanalee Hampton
Shiela Laufer
Suzanne Long
Toni Hall
Ulana Zahajkewycz
Vanessa Port
Yinfan Huang


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