Sunday, June 14, 2015

Opening Reception of Patches + Stitches

Mark your calendars for the next opening reception and events, July 3rd from 7-10pm! We are proud to present an artist lecture with Teagan White (from 7-8pm), followed by the opening reception of Patches + Stitches and an all creatives meet up!

Chloe Promo_ haresize2 copy
Process by Chloe Giordano

Join us for a two-part exhibition that celebrates the tactile nature of textiles- craft, decadence, patterns, and personal identity! We welcome you to the Patches + Stitches Show, featuring originals and limited edition pieces by 70+ international illustrators, designers, screen printers, and creatives!

Patches is our bad ass show. It includes dark, limited color, gritty, screen-printed, hand-painted, embroidered and dyed patches- clever takes on the imagery we all know and love and phrases we can't resist! These artists have taken back patches, insignias, and embroidered designs to the next level!

Sneak Peek by Luisa Uribe

Stitches is our beautiful show. The work is decadent, elegant, and decorated in flora and fauna. It includes intricate needlework, the knots, beading, sequins and appliqués. These colorful pieces and modern designs challenge our ideas of old-school embroidery! Reinventing the classic expectations of one of the world's oldest textile techniques!

Vanessa Port Promo_IMG_0482 copy
Sneak Peek by Vanessa Port

Come explore both sides of this show and meet some of the incredible participating artists! These events are free and open to the public.


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