Monday, July 6, 2015

Podcast: Teagan White Artist Talk

07.06.15_Teagan White Artist Talk
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Teagan White Artist Talk
Length: 00:44:41
Synopsis: This week's podcast features Teagan White's artist lecture, which took place at Light Grey Art Lab this past Friday, prior to the Patches + Stitches Opening Reception. Teagan is a freelance illustrator, who does commercial work, children's books, and gallery work, with clients ranging from Penguin Random House, Nike, and Wired Magazine. Teagan's work gravitates to nature-inspired imagery, and she talks about her connection to the natural world, how she gathers inspiration, and how she balances her client work with personal exploration.

Show Notes:
Teagan White: Website - Tumblr - Twitter
Patches + Stitches: Online Gallery - Shop
Light Grey Game Night


  1. Is there a slide set from Teagan's lecture?

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