Friday, March 2, 2012

Booked & Excited! NYC Trip Surtex & the Stationery Show!

A cute picture of Mary Nelson & Taisha Bosher from last year's NYC trip!

Well, we're booked! We had an overwhelmingly positive response to our New York City travel workshop hosted by Light Grey Art Lab!

We're headed to the Surtex and Stationery Show in May!! We couldn't believe that we completely booked up under three days and had to wiggle some things around to extend our original 8 slots to our now-11 person excursion!

So far so good! We're booked at a great hotel in Chelsea, and we're in the process of getting all 11 of them registered for the show, getting all of the workshop materials ready, and getting some fancy gift bags ready for all the awesome people attending our workshop!

We're planning a couple more excursions later in the year and we'll keep you posted!
Exciting news! I hope you guys can make it to next year's NYC trip!

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