Friday, March 2, 2012

Patterns + People Prep

Here are some patterns and some people for you to enjoy. We're doing a super secret (not really) project for our Patterns + People show that opens in a few weeks. The patterns on this fabric might seem familiar if you'e been following the Daily Pattern Project on the Paper Bicycle blog. Come to the show opening on March 16th to check out our awesome project, and a whole bunch of other amazing artwork. Who knows, you might even be able to take some of these patterns home with you!


  1. Who are all those handsome people?

    This is gonna be so awesome! I wish I could go~! Good luck you guys, I know it will be wonderful.

    Also I can't believe how close the studio is to MCAD, I'm glad I finally got to see some pictures of the place :)

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  3. Wow those look so awesome! I've been dying to make a quilt of some kind- those would make the coolest bed spreads! You should sell printed sets i'd totally buy some :D

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