Wednesday, July 25, 2012

EXPLETIVE SHOW : Exhibitor List

Preview clip of Thomas Bradley's art piece for the Expletive show. Chenille Embroidery on a Wool Ground

I have to apologize profusely for waiting this long to announce the collection of artists for the Expletive Typography Exhibition and Poster Show : Ugly words to admire. You have my permission to curse in my general direction (which would be fitting for so many reasons).

A huge thank you to everyone that came out and posted a link to your site! It was a hard decision and we will encourage all of you to come back and submit your sites for our future shows. For this show in particular, we were looking for a great assortment of designers, typographers and illustrators that love type (who may or may not be particularly fond of colorful words). We initially sent out some super special invites to some of our favorite designers before the official call for entries, then followed up the invitations with our official call for art!

I'm extremely proud to announce the exhibiting artist list for the

Bao Nguyen
Paul Nolan
Sasha Prood
Teagan White
Gatti Mauro
Adam Garcia
PeƩle Lemos
Lee Basford
Jeff Rogers
Anton Pearson
Kervin Brisseaux
Aaron Rayburn
Kate Bingaman-Burt
Llew Mejia
Bill Rebholz
Eric Gorvin
Andres Guzman
Greg Abbott
Bryan Haker
Jackson Alves
Lilo Krebernik
Patswerk Grafisch Ontwerp
Crystal Kluge
Lindsay Nohl
Rob Pflaum
Bryan Ische
Anne Ulku
J. Zachary Keenan
Ann Shen
Jesse Lindhorst
Norah Stone
Zoe Zoe Sheen
Adam Hoppus
Victor Melendez
Britt Wilson
Kate Worum
Kristin Nohe
Sophie Blackhall Cain
Lloyd Eugene Winter IV
Thomas Bradley
Sam Michaels
Dai Foldes

There's no doubt that our walls will be filled with the most beautiful dirty-words you've ever seen. So! Mark your calendar for FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 14th from 7 - 10pm.
We'll have floor-to-ceiling posters, dirty food and music that will make your grandmother disapprove.

ALSO. Do you own a piece of clothing that would fit right in with the theme of our show? If so, wear it to the opening and we'll give you a free special edition print!

Help us spread the word! More updates to come!
Thanks again to everyone that submitted your link and to all of our participating artists!


  1. Wish I lived closed enough to attend - sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. Thanks Alexander! I wish you did, too! We'll post a lot of pictures!

  2. I'm shocked with all those musical artists who joined the show! Even voices of Hollywood stars are here. This is really something to attend to.

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