Monday, December 10, 2012

Snowy Day with Dogs

Light streaming in from the big window. Dogs are relaxing

Well, being in Minneapolis has it's perks. Not only do we get to brag about being hardy folk, we get to prove it on days like today. We had about 10 inches of snow throughout the day yesterday and everyone living in the Twin Cities was posting beautiful instagram photos all day long capturing the snowfall.

Today, our Minneapolis perk is that our plows are ready and responding. Though everything is blanketed with snow, we were able to get to Light Grey, no problem. Just a little bit of slipping around on the road never hurt anyone.

The dogs are here today enjoying the quiet afternoon. They're here with us most days and today is no exception. Say hello to Twinkle and Atari, our funny old dogs.

Say hello to Twinkle (in front) and Atari (in back)


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  4. Hello Lindsay, Twinkle and Atari, Lindsay you are enjoying snow weather with your dogs it is very beautiful for you. Twinkle is so cute Lindsay tell us Is Twinkle he or she?

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