Friday, December 7, 2012

Today! In a couple hours! All the girls!

Francesca (left) and Jenny (right) working on putting up all of the didactics for the show at the last minute!

Well, it's the official count-down to the year end show at Light Grey! We're putting the finishing touches on the space and getting ready to welcome everyone to step in from out of the cold and be surrounded by ladies.

Jenny finished installing the pieces late last night and today we're all nerves!
Make sure that if you come by to remember to look around you! We're really lucky that a lot of the artists that are participating in the exhibition will be here tonight, so definitely say hello if you see the maker of one of your favorite pieces!

Here's a little preview of how the space is looking, pre-party!

The show starts at 7, so stop by if you're in town!
We'll make sure to post a fun recap of all of the nightly events so you can see how it went! Exciting! See you soon!

And another peek, just for fun!

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