Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A New Clue to the Mystery!

Another image sent to me via email. A scroll? What is this, and who is holding it?

I just received a new piece of information regarding the strange, locked section of our site.
This time my anonymous informant is saying that there are only six people involved in the main group from the Message in the Bottle Show.

Does that mean that there is a six-letter password?
Still, I feel like we're getting closer.

What's strange is that I feel like I've even seen some strange things in their recent blog posts...
Maybe that's why they seemed a little out of place...
I'm sure the letters have some connection to each other.

Still, everyone has still been tight-lipped about who is involved.
I am going to try looking through the blogs again and see if I can find letters hidden in the work. I know they couldn't be far.
I have a feeling that's where I might find the clues.

I will keep you posted if we find anything else out.
How strange...

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