Sunday, February 17, 2013

Macro & Micro Artists Announced!

Illustration by Lindsay Nohl


Thanks to everyone that submitted links to our call for art! We were just shy of 300 interested people and I can't thank all of you enough for joining us on the call for art! After a billion tough hours of going through sites and having the hard job of narrowing down, we have our line-up for our April Exhibition! Don't forget to take a peek at the side-bar! We have a second call-for art closing after TOMORROW, Monday, Feb 18th for Beautiful Forever, the temporary tattoo show!

We have a large show planned, right in time for Spring to come back and join us.
More information about the Macro & Micro exhibition soon! Please check out our other calls for art on the side bar!

Macro & Micro : A Celebration of the Natural World
Opens Friday April 19th
7 - 10pm

Artwork of the Animal, Vegetable, Mineral categories and everything else Natural.
Our artists will be joining us in an incredibly interesting and thorough interpretation of the Earth as we know it, from lush environments to individual creatures. From natural cycles to crystalline structures. We'll keep you posted as we get closer to the exhibition! Until then, take a peek at the group of artists below!

Thanks and congratulations to everyone that will be joining us for our large spring show!

Denise Holmes
Ariel Elliott
Laura Bifano
Danamarie Hosler
Caroline Hadilaksono
Taryn Gee
Coryn LaNasa
Katie Sanvick
Jessica Roux
Douglas Holgate
Darla Okada
Ashley Mackenzie
Nick Blazey
Mary Williams
Vero Navarro
Julian Howley
Celia Krampien
Rebecca green
Angela Rizza
Tim Mack
J L Hirten
Frank & Becky (Tiny Kitten Teeth)
Harriet Seed

Everything Else
Hedwig Vinson
Courtney Cashon
Charlotte Mao
Miko Maciaszek
Jesse Riggle
Brittany Tingey
Ann Macarayan
Natalie Andrewson
Adam Tan
Laura Callaghan
Daniel Fishel
Ben Bene Rohlmann
Jenny Bookler
Chris Danger
George Bletsis
Lindsay Nohl
Sishir Bommakanti
Andrew Kolb
Amanda Sartor
Chris Walker
Alexa Thoen
Chris Hajny

Danielle Storey
Tim Durning
Liza Sylvestre
Sage Einarsen
B. Paul Patterson
Elyse Holmes
Allie Strom
Scott Wenner
Claire Hummel
Rebecca Mock
Anna Bron
Hannah Christenson
Rachel Suggs
Annie Carbo
Joe Lillington
Shannon May
Isabel Seliger
Evan Palmer
Steven Hughes
Ensine Eckwall
Richie Pope

Kat Friday
Blok Magnaye
Caitlin Clarkson
Ian densford
Casey Crisenbery
Rory Phillips
Meredith Miotke
Rose Wong
Jessica Schultz
Valerie Chua
Andrew R. Wright
Laura Hallen
Lucy Engelman
Bobby O'Herlihy
Kelly Bastow
Kevin Stanton
Victor Mosquera
Shanti Rittgers
Erik Krenz
Mary Jo Hoffman
Teagan White
Chicherova Olga
Francesca Buchko


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