Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beautiful Forever is this Friday!

Beautiful Forever Exhibition
Yes, what could be better than being covered in a bunch of amazing art? Yes, these are photoshopped, but THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES!

Ok Guys. I could have gone to bed, but instead I photoshopped at least one tattoo from everyone's dozens and dozens of designs onto a vacation photo of me and my friend Atom (Who has NO IDEA that he's been chosen as a model for all of these sweet designs!). Also - here's a bonus challenge! Only one of the tattoos is real! Which one is it!

But! I just wanted to say that I couldn't resist and though I should be getting ready for my tax appointment in the morning with my accountant, this was just calling to me. In fact, I was teaching at MCAD earlier this evening and after I got done with class I walked back across the street to Light Grey to find that Jenny had packaged all of the tattoos to get ready for this Friday and I snapped a couple quick photos! (Artists, don't worry! I'll make sure to take some more clear shots and send them to you before the opening so you can show them off!)




So don't forget! The Beautiful Forever exhibition opening reception is THIS FRIDAY from 7 - 10pm at Light Grey!
We'll have a tattoo-station where you can apply your new ink and show it off in front of the cameras. We'll make sure to get a ton of great photos!

Plus, the guys from Uptown Tattoo (In charge of the Blowout Exhibition, benefit show for Tom Strom) also just let me know that they have secured a custom tattoo gun that will be raffled off on Friday! Crazy!
It should be crazy fun and I'll be there to show off my real tattoos and my temporary ones, too! :)
Please help us spread the word!

Oh myyyyyyyyy!

Hope you guys in the Minneapolis area can join us!
Just in case, here's the official facebook invite just in case you missed it the first time!

Everyone else, we'll keep you guys posted with photos and news from the opening!
Thanks, everyone for help spreading the word!

Find all these beauties on our online shop here as well as the great work from the BLOWOUT show!



  1. Omg they look so great! This show is the funnest--I can't wait to see the opening photos! :) I've been doing my best to spread the word about the show!

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle!! :D I am too excited! I will wear all of the cat tattoos and sweets tattoos with pride! :)

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