Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blowout: a benefit exhibition for Tom Strom

Blowout: an exhibition and benefit show for Tom Strom. 
Let's get to know the man behind the ink. 

This week is our opening reception for Blowout, an exhibition that combines intricate line work, traditional paintings, and tattoo posters from all over the world, to celebrate the diversity and skillful artwork made by tattoo artists. It is not only about the artwork, but about the overall and overwhelming sense of family that comes with the tattoo community. This show exemplifies the profound sense of care, as tattoo artsits have come together to support fellow tattoo artist, Tom Strom.

This week, I got together with Tom to talk with him about his feelings of this exhibition, thoughts on the artwork, and about pieces he is contributing to the show. He is such an outstanding guy, and we are happy that we are able to transform his accident into a positive experience for artists, tattoo lovers, and Tom himself, as the proceeds from the show go towards the cost of his surgery and recovery. 

Painting by Tom Strom 
"Sewing the Seeds" by Tom Strom

Interview with Tom:

Q. What is the overall feeling of the exhibition? How did you select artists to represent all facets within tattoo art?

A. This exhibit was the idea of my friend, Nic Skrade. It was brought up as a way to help me through a really rough year after having a bicycle accident resulting in a pretty serious back injury. It left me in a lot of pain that made it impossible for me to sit, stand, or walk, let alone work . . .When Nic brought up the idea for the show, I was very reluctant. The more he brought it up the more serious things got for me, and the better the idea seemed. We came up with a list of artists that we knew would be able to help out and also able to show some great work. The response was overwhelming. 

Q. What are the pieces that you have in the show?

A. I have three pieces in the show, all are oil on panels. They are my favorite pieces to date and are very personal to me. They touch on topics such as eventual death, reoccurring health issues, and childhood.

Q. What is your favorite thing about tattoos and the culture?

A. I love that people are getting excited about tattooing these days and bringing it to an art form. I had no idea it would ever get this way when I started. It's definitely allowed me to grow as an artist right along with it. 

Q. What subjects do you enjoy drawing or tattooing?

A. My favorite topics to do are usually more science fiction related creatures mixes with nature. The weirder the better.

Q. What does this show mean to you? What does it say about tattoo art, you, the tattoo community?

A. This show really means a lot of me. It's great to know that I below to such a great community of friends and artists that are there for me when I need them. It really shows me that you get back what you put into tattooing. It has taken care of me for a good part of my life and brought me to a lot of great friends and places, all of which has made me into a better person.

Thanks, Tom, for being so open with us this week and sharing your thoughts on the show.

*For more about this exhibition and Tom's story you can look here or to purchase any piece from the 
upcoming exhibition, visit our online gallery and store here.


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