Friday, March 22, 2013

CREATE, CONCEPT AND COLLABORATE with Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying : Our new travel workshop!

Create, Concept and Collaborate workshop with Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying at Light Grey Art Lab
We are excited to announce our next big creative retreat / workshop at Light Grey Art Lab!

Join us for Light Grey's newest intensive art retreat! Now is your chance to get creative alongside Dreamworks and Disney visual development artists, Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying for an exciting workshop focused on creativity, concepts and collaboration!

Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying

is scheduled for
August 30, 31st and September 1st
(On a nice, long, leasurely Labor Day weekend!)

Click here for the detailed agenda, dates, and information you'll need!
Yes! We can help you with all of your accommodations so you can come on out and have a great time with us!

Super talented creative-duo, Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying are joining us at Light Grey Art Lab in what will be a memorable and exceptional creative time. We are so happy to announce that they'll be joining us!

We've had a crush on these guys for a while now -- and are really impressed with how driven, creative and how nice they are! We had the chance to meet them in person when we were in L.A. this past January and knew they were perfect for us!

Lucky for all of us, we've been in cahoots with them for how to plan an amazing, meaningful, and energizing workshop!
I'll let you guys in on a little secret.... we've been planning a concept art inspired show for this summer and we're totally excited -- because Victoria and Mike will be hosting their workshop AT THE SAME TIME as In Place! (our secret new show! Watch the blog closely this coming week for the call for art & details!!)

Mike and Victoria have a series of amazing workshops, lectures and demonstrations planned! With the IN-PLACE Concept Art Exhibition as your backdrop, and a series of intimate lectures, discussions and hands-on studio workshops on everything from working in the visual development field, to character development, storytelling with imagery, and developing exceptional stylistic techniques for your artwork, participants are challenged to step into Mike and Victoria's world and make their own artistic visions come to life.


We've got two and a half days of creating, concepting and collaborating in store that is peppered with awesome demos, out third ever ALL CREATIVES MEET & GREET, (where we invite all the creatives from the Twin Cities out to meet you guys at a local hang-out) some amazing lectures and discussions about everything from shop talk to setting up your portfolio, to speaking with guest artist, Mike Linnemann, an art director with the awesome experience of working with 100s of artists at Fantasy Flight Games.

Let us take you to all the great places to eat, chat your ears off, and get down to some serious art making.
All in our cozy space at Light Grey.

Here's the link again to all of the schedules, details for accommodations and more!
Please let us know if you have any questions!

This workshop is limited to 18 participants, so we hope you can make it!

If you haven't had a chance to see what our other workshops are about, take a peek here!

Read about our super fun ILLUSTRATION BOOTCAMP workshop with the amazing Meg Hunt!

And the inspiring RESOLVE to MAKE 2013 with awesome illustrator (and awesome lady), Kali Ciesemier!

We're proud to bring amazing people together to learn, collaborate and work together.
Hope you can join us for this summer's workshop!



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