Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blowout - Sneak Peek!

Blowout  and Beautiful Forever
March 22nd, 7pm-10pm

I know all you tattoo and art lovers have been patiently waiting for this big reveal, and it is almost here! This March, Light Grey Art Lab is bringing the baddest and best of imagery into the gallery, from skulls, to flowers, to pin up girls, to celebrate artwork made by some of the world's best tattoo artists.

Blowout is about the personal artwork made by tattoo artists, including traditional materials, oil paints, and inks, as these artists explore their interests on paper and canvas.

Curated by Uptown Tattoo, this is a gallery exhibition and benefit show for local tattoo artist Tom Strom. Tom was recently involved in a bad biking accident, and is in need of back surgery. Proceeds from the exhibition will go towards Tom and his recovery.

This show is not just about the artwork, but the unbelievable sense of family and community within the tattoo world. So let's raise our glass, tattoo our arms, and support the cause for the love of Tom and our love of Tattoos!

And on the hard-core side of things, here is a sneak peek of what's to come in the BLOWOUT exhibition!

Artwork from left to right --
Marie by Zack Kinsey
Snake by Jon Sweet
Mucosa by Jed Leiknes
Musky Drangon by Brandon Holt
Could I Create Myself Anew by Chris Dingwell
Terrestrial by Tom Strom

Link to the official Facebook event here!

Here is the official list of artists that are joining us for the exhibition!

Tom Strom, Nic Skade, Jon Sweet, Brandon Holt, Matt Kollig, Zach Kolling, Zack Kinsey, Dan Kvola, Edu Cerro, Paul Bosch, Adam Barton, Klem, Dan Wysuph, Jason Anderson, Chris Dingwell, Shaun Beaudry, Miles Hunsberger, Spencer Hodgson, William Jackman, Worm Rodriguez, Vincent Oquendo, Manuel Trujillo, Sadie Kennedy, Missy Rhising, Levi Posin, Alex Nunez, Kevin McNutt, Durb Morrison, Joe Capobianco, Dan Marshall, Jime Litwalk, Jeff Gogue, Keith Kohrs, Adam Turnman, Christian Perez, Scotty Munster, and Thomas Kynst, Dan Wysuph


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