Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beautiful Forever, Sneak Peek!

We are so excited to finally leak a few images for our Beautiful Forever Exhibition!

Next Friday, March 22nd from 7pm-10pm, is our joint opening of two incredible shows Blowout and Beautiful Forever. The entire gallery will be filled with artwork made by tattoo artists, illustrators, designers, and lovers of tattoos. It will be a great combination of artwork to say the least!

Unlike real, painful, and permanent tattoos, the artwork of Beautiful Forever is not going to last forever! That's right, Beautiful Forever embraces the ephemeral, flashy, and clever designs inherent in temporary tattoos. This exhibition will include the work of 40 amazing illustrators who have taken this challenge to create fun-loving tattoos of candy, animals, mer-mans, and more!

You will not only be able to view this awesome artwork, but wear it too! We will have a temporary tattoo station so you can apply your new tat here at the show. We look forward to sharing all of our rough, tough and inked up sleeves with you all!

Itching to see what's coming up for out Tattoo themed month? Here you go!

Artwork from left to right, top to bottom:

Sisters by Jasjyot Singh Hans 
Safe Passage by Carey Pietsch
Demonic Victorian by Helen Mask
Owl and Bird by Angela Rizza
Children of the Night by Katie Sanvick
Candy Life by Michelle Volanksy

Click here to see our official Facebook Invitation!

Full list of artists in this awesome exhibition can be found here!


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