Thursday, April 18, 2013

Macro & Micro - Teaser 2, Specimens!

Preview Images for Light Grey Art Lab's Macro & Micro Show!

Here are a couple quick photos of some of the awesome natural elements that will be on display this Friday alongside the 90+ pieces of artwork!
These gorgeous pieces are a part of Mary Jo Hoffman's awesome specimen collection from

And stay tuned! We have a really great interview with Mary Jo coming up on Monday for our podcast.
Mary Jo was actually an aerospace engineer before she switched paths and decided to create! Can you believe it? Ah, what interesting lives we lead! We got the chance to visit her at her house where she lives, works, and curates!
She's got a ton of interesting stories about her transition, what it's like to work on a year (and three month) long project, and even more stories about her travels, her findings and how Stillblog (and her appreciation for nature) has grown!

Stay tuned for the podcast and get ready for a super fun show on Friday!
Until then, stop by and see her installation (there is more than what you see here!) and her specimens, at the Macro & Micro exhibition opening this Friday from 7 - 10pm!

Official invite here!

Thanks to everyone that is helping us spread the word about the exhibition!
We can't wait to see you there!

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  1. I am glad I can visit this page and check these teasers. They are really cool. Love it.