Friday, April 19, 2013

You Can Do It, Put Your Back Into It -- Artists Announced!


There's so much snow here in Minneapolis it's stupid.
I realize I'm not the only person in the universe that's ever complained about the weather, but COME ON snow!
Thank goodness I was writing a post about our upcoming motivational poster show, (You Can Do It) Put Your Back Into It -- because I'm going to need some serious motivation to get up out of bed in the morning and get myself to Light Grey.

If I were a wizard with the power to change snow to gold, I'd have 12" of gorgeous, unspoiled, puffy gold to trip over tomorrow.
But I digress...

Thanks to everyone that put your names down for this inspiring call for art!
As always, it was hard to narrow them down. We're excited to show just over 30 beautiful motivational posters in the main gallery for (You Can Do It) Put Your Back Into It opening on June 14th!

Thanks again to everyone and congratulations to everyone that is joining us!

Be on the look-out for the next call for art! It's happening SOON! Oh-So Soon!
If you're in the neighborhood, stop by Light Grey this Friday Night and say hi to us at the opening reception of the Macro & Micro show! The party starts at 7pm and goes til 10pm! It's chilly outside, so come on in and we'll warm you up!

Here are our artists!
Carey Pietsch
Bene Rohlman
sEason Wu
Elana Wolowitz Schwartzman
Madéleine Flores
Aimee Fleck
Pallavi Sen
Kelly Bastow
Danamarie Hosler
Cameron Asao
J Zachary Keenen
Jessica Roush
Amanda Hagemann
Karl Schweikart
Blok Magnaye
Jordan Sondler
Rory Philips
Leonard Peng
Chelsey Holeman
Samantha Kallis
Chris Cloud
Anika Schröder
Taylor Kristan
Marloes de Vries
Jen Mundy
John Lee
Annie Stoll
Tom Wiener
Sara Delle Fowler
Peter Steineck
Ashley Huebner
Van Tran
Taryn Gee


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