Monday, May 13, 2013

Podcast: History Of The "F" Word

LGAL_History of the F-Word
This week's podcast features a lecture we hosted way back in September of last year! History of the "F" Word: A Historic Look At One Of English's Nastiest Words, presented by Deanna Larsen, coincided with The Expletive Show. The lecture consisted of a wonderful discussion around all things F-word related, including taboos, historic and current usage, cultural hang-ups, as well as some hilarious personal stories from the audience itself.

Apologies for the rough audio, this was recorded before we invested in proper audio equipment and took some finessing, but we really wanted to share this conversation with everyone!

It should go without saying, but due to the nature of the topic there is a lot of strong language in today's show. If you are offended easily or have children present, this might not be the show for you. For the rest of you salty, nasty, foul-mouthed listeners, enjoy!

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History Of The "F" Word
Length: 00:58:24
Synopsis: This week's podcast was actually recorded last September in conjunction with The Expletive Show. We had the honor of hosting poet, teacher and MFA candidate Deanna Larsen for a energetic drop-in lecture/discussion revolving around one of the world's most versatile (and in some ways, most controversial) four-letter words: the "F" one. Warning: if you're sensitive to strong language or are listening with children present, you might want to sit this one out!



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