Monday, May 13, 2013

STATION ZERO Artists Announced!

Just a small peek at some of the books that will be finding new homes with some fantastic artists in the next week or so!

HUGE thanks to everyone that put their names in the hat for STATION ZERO - our upcoming science fiction : revisited exhibition. I'm really excited about the topic and thrilled that we had such an amazing crowd of artists applying to be in the show! We are absolutely humbled by how many fantastic people came out for this one! Please congratulate everyone that will be joining us! I know my book collection will be in good hands!
Stay tuned for more details about the show as they come and don't forget! We have another exciting call for art that is ending on the 15th!

Science Fiction: Revisited
Opening Friday July 19th
Running through August 9th
118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis MN 55404

More details to follow!


Ashley Mackenzie
John Delucca
Michael Gunder
Danielle Story
Andrew Kolb
Richie Pope
Rachel Suggs
Chris Park
Federico Piatti
Bene Rohlmann
George Bletsis
Rebecca Mock
Rodrigo Aviles
Emilie LeDuc
Shannon May
Evan Palmer
Britt Sanders
Sam Schechter
Felipe Vargas Lubbert
German Selim Shible
Kellan Jett
Joshua Zentner
Karen Dessire
Jez Tuya
John Lee
Steven Hughes
Aleks Sennwald
Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Pablo Luebert
Meredith Miotke
Jesse Tise
Sage Einarsen
Maria Vitan
Angela Rizza
Harper Jaten
Cheyenne Curtis
Isuri Merenchi Hewage
Jori Bolton
Courtney Billadeau
Tyler Parker
Kelsey King
Frank Macchia
Taryn Gee
Roxie Vizcarra
Marissa Seguin
Melanie Daigle
Louis Wood
Jesse Lindhorst
Samone Murphy
Shanti Rittgers
Chris Walker
Colin Foran
Claire Hummel
Ciaran Duffy
Vero Navarro
Rebekka Dunlap
Erik Krenz
Andy Brinkman
Chris Visions
Rory Phillips
Julie Curtis
Chris Schons
Joe Casanova
Matt Rockefeller
Joe LIllington
Debbie Yu
Bill Ferenc
Angela An
Douglas Holgate
Ricardo Bessa
Allison Smith
Ian Gorton
Carey Pietsch
Ian Miller
Sara Pace
Tom Weiner
Ann Macarayan
Stephanie Brown
Ariel Elliott
Michael Perez
Jeremy Sorese
Marguerite Sauvage
Dan Matutina

Questions? Send me a note at
And stay tuned!


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