Monday, May 6, 2013

Podcast: The Nerd Zone

LGAL_The Nerd Zone
Inspired by the Role Models and Station Zero calls-for-art, this week we talk about our favorite nerdly passions. Starting with out with our recent introduction to D&D (thanks Evan!) the podcast then veers into some strange places as we dive deep into the nerdiest corners of our brains.

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The Nerd Zone
Length: 00:56:30
Synopsis: This week we discuss pressing matters like Dungeons & Dragons, Anime Boyfriends, Sci-Fi VS Fantasy, old PC games, and awkward secrets. Inspired by the overwhelming reaction to both of Light Grey Art Lab's newest calls-for-art (Station Zero and Role Models), Lindsay, Chris, Jenny, Jared, and Francesca proudly share some of their nerdiest passions.