Saturday, May 18, 2013

WHOA. - We just need a little more time!


Here's a picture of me, pouring through all of the links, late at night. (Just kidding. That's just a random picture of me at my computer.)

Well. I thought I could do it.
All those late nights, all that coffee. All that training.
I thought it was possible, but...

We just couldn't get through all 360+ portfolios for the Rolemodels show before we head to New York.
A sad day indeed for all of us. A moment of silence, please.

Well, guys. I've got high-hopes that we can finish the jurying asap!
I promise I'll update everyone as soon as possible!
Just stay tuned and wish us luck. Good luck to all of you guys that submitted and thanks for your patience!



  1. Luck wished! That is a terrifying number.

  2. fingers are thusly crossed then.

    1. We're back from NYC now so we're cranking on getting through the rest! I can't wait to see them all!

  3. Thanks for going through everyone's work. 360 is a lot to look at!

    1. Of course! We love looking at everyone's work! It's a lot of fun!