Monday, July 29, 2013

Podcast: Crossing the Line in the Cranial Sand

07.29.13_Crossing The Line In The Cranial Sand
Last Friday we were joined by Tom Cassidy and Mr. Thursday for Crossing the Line in the Cranial Sand, an evening of nontraditional spoken word, poetry and storytelling. It was a hugely entertaining performance and we're happy to have recorded the audio to share with our listeners!
Crossing the Line in the Cranial Sand
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Crossing the Line in the Cranial Sand
Length: 01:38:08
Synopsis: This week podcast is the audio from 'Crossing the Line in the Cranial Sand', which was a night of nontraditional poetry and storytelling performed by spoken word artists Tom Cassidy and Mr. Thursday at Light Grey Art Lab on Friday, July 26th.

Tom Cassidy is a spoken word and correspondence artist whose work makes the mundane seem far more important and funnier than it really is. He has been an active participant in the international mail-art community since the early 1970s and his works have appeared wherever the envelopes were opened. A former board member and series host of Access to Art for the Minneapolis Television Network, he currently serves on the boards of both Cheap Theatre and Patrick’s Cabaret and regularly performs hither and yon.

Mr. Thursday hails from Roanoke, VA where he teaches and coordinates Roanoke’s Annual Marginal Arts Festival. His lectures are derived from different texts and actions, which combine Fluxus, Situationist, and Post-Neo Absurdist techniques. In them he uses props, texts, found material and costume to code a dialogue performed through improv, paroxysms, and loud vocalization. Masculinity, warfare, popular and underground erotica, role-playing, desire and the intersection of these concerns in the exterior world are some of the recently highlighted concerns of these performance lectures.

You can find a few more pictures from the event on our flickr page.

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