Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sketchbook Project Sneak Peek

This September, is all about self-initiated projects here at Light Grey- about the work of the go-getters, their completed comic anthologies, artist books, and large series. It is all incredible work made by an individual artist out of pure motivation and interest. During the month we will celebrate these bodies of work in the Nights and Weekends Exhibition (we are accepting applications until August 1st. Click here for details) along with the process, rough sketches, and brainstorming found in the diverse and global sketchbooks of the traveling Sketchbook Library!

With the Sketchbook Project rapidly approaching (September 20th), we wanted to give you guys a brief preview of some of the super exciting things to look forwards to! First and foremost, a big thank you to everyone who chose to submit/participate in the event! It was a blast getting to look at the amazing diversity of the work created.

Collaborating with the Sketchbook Project on their 1703 Miles and Back Tour, we're excited to be bringing this phenomenal collection to Minneapolis for the first time!

Sketchbook Project Sneak Peek 1 Ulana Zahajkewycz

Not only will there be tons of brand-new sketchbooks joining the movement, The Traveling Library will also stop by Light Grey- letting you take a peek at around 4,500 sketchbooks from that year's collection (a small sliver of the 27,600+ sketchbooks collected total.) The Traveling Library will only be here for the 20th, so be sure to swing on by!

Sketchbook Project Sneak Peek 4 Amanda Brannin & Margriet Bokma

Besides the Traveling Library, we will be printing and displaying excerpts from many of the inspiring sketchbooks freshly collected here at Light Grey Art Lab! Unlike the Traveling Library, these will be here all month.

Sketchbook Project Sneak Peek 3 Monika Grubizna

While you're waiting for this awesome event, you can take a look at the Digital Library, to get an idea of some of the incredible work created through this project.

We also have a facebook event!


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