Friday, July 19, 2013

Station Zero Press!

We are absolutely THRILLED about the attention we've been getting over the Station Zero exhibition!
Here are a couple highlights from the last couple days! Take a peek and thanks to everyone that reached out to us to help cover the unveiling of our stellar new exhibition!

Station Zero opens tonight!
7 - 10pm
at Light Grey Art Lab
118 E. 26th Street #101
(Corner of 26th & Stevens

Join us for a vintage sci-fi photobooth, custom tin-foil hats, and an amazing mix of contemporary and vintage artwork!

Jamie Yuccas from WCCO stopped by to film a short segment on Station Zero for the morning show! It aired on WCCO This Morning. We're looking forward to a great show tonight! Thanks for stopping by, Jamie! We had a blast!

Photo courtesy of MNDaily - Artist, Bill Ferenc stands in front of his process for the Station Zero exhibition!
In other news, Jaak Jensen from MN Daily wrote a great article, talking with local artists Bill Ferenc & Kelsey King about their pieces, the show and their process!

And finally, huge thanks to Jahna Peloquin for for the mention in this week's VitaMN!


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