Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In Place Sneak Peek

This August at Light Grey Art Lab, we are celebrating the summer 'sense of travel,' our yearning for new destinations, and curiosity about mysterious places around the world, as we gear up for our newest exhibition opening, In Place.

In Place incorporates the work of fifty concept artist, background and gaming artists, illustrators, and designers from all over the work to collaborate on a awe-inspiring and sublime exhibition and limited edition artist book project.

Here is a preview and the preorder for the In Place book

And a sneak peek at some of the amazing artwork:

in place sneek peek500
Chiang Mai Jungle, Thailand Sunrise by Angela An
Cenote, Yucatan Peninsula Cenotes by Juan Carlos Barquet
Congo, Congo by Francesca Buchko
Northridge Shopping Mall, Paris by Andres Guzman

Each artist has done an incredible job capturing these larger than life destinations, such as Chief Mountain in Montana, the Illuminated Caves in Okinawa, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and the icy tundra of Antarctica. Each piece is accompanied by a written piece about the folklore, history, 'magical healing powers,' influence, and dwellers of each of these magnificent places. We cannot wait to share with you!

To see more information about the opening reception see our facebook event!


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