Monday, August 12, 2013

Podcast: Talking with Colin Foran

Talking With Colin Foran
This week we were lucky enough to have a wonderful conversation with Colin Foran, who did an out-of-this-world piece for the Station Zero show (pun completely intended), and also has work in the upcoming Rolemodels show. Colin has spent the last 5 years at Microsoft Game Studios as a concept artist and associate art director. Working on the publishing side, Colin gets to help shape the look and feel of countless video game projects on a daily basis.

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Talking with Colin Foran
Length: 01:23:23
Synopsis: On this week's podcast we talk to Colin Foran, a concept artist and art director on the publishing side of Microsoft Game Studios. Colin helps shape the look and feel of countless video game projects on a daily basis, and we talk to him about the culture of work, the importance of practice and self reflection, how he continues to grow as an artist, and dealing with the balance of personal art and a demanding creative career. After the interview, Lindsay, Jenny, Francesa, and Chris talk about managing creative energy, work-life balance, and taking things one step at a time.

You can see Colin Foran's art and follow what he's up to next on his Tumblr, CG Hub, Deviant Art, or on twitter @colin_foran.

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