Saturday, October 19, 2013

Artist Talk and All Creatives Meet and Greet

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Mark you calendars for November 1st! We have two incredible events back-to-back!

We have invited two amazing artists, Claire Hummel and Colin Foran from Microsoft Studios to lead a three-day workshop on concept art, world building, and design! Claire and Colin will be sharing their experience as concept artist and art directors in the gaming industry, as well as their years of personal practice and freelance to guide students through a weekend of collaborative creating, business discussions, shop talk, and more. Participants will assume the roles of craftsmen and demi-gods as they work alongside our guest artists to create content for experiential worlds inspired by the methods and techniques of the industry.

To kick off the weekend, Claire and Colin are holding a free public lecture here at Light Grey Art Lab from 7pm-8pm. They will discuss their personal and professional projects, what it is like working in the gaming industry, thoughts on collaboration and more. Get a peek into into the realms of video game creation from two artists who worked on projects such as Killer Instinct, Galactic Reign, and Bioshock Infinite- the games and characters we all love! The lecture will be followed by a short Q & A, where guests are invited to ask questions about the artist talk.

For more details see the full event details on the Facebook Event Page here.

Immediately following the lecture is the ALL CREATIVES MEET AND GREET! Grab your business cards, promotionals, and sketchbooks for an all-artist mixer. You can meet some of your favorite local and traveling artists, talk about work, brainstorm, or just say hello! This is a chance to reach out and recognize all of the fantastic artists in the area! This event will also take place at Light Grey Art Lab in the main gallery from 8:30-10pm. We hope to see you here!

About Colin Foran
Colin Foran is an Illustrator and Associate Art Director for Microsoft Studios. During his time in publishing, he has designed and directed for a number of Xbox and Xbox One titles including Galactic Reign, Killer Instinct and Sunset Overdrive. Designing characters, environments, and props for games ranging from casual Kinect titles to shooters, he brings a wide range of influences to his work. Outside of publishing, Colin is active in side projects including games, studies, and several gallery shows with both Light Grey Art Lab and Ltd. Gallery in Seattle, Wa.

About Claire Hummel
Claire Hummel grew up in LA, went to school in Rhode Island, and ended up in Seattle where she now lives with her two snakes, Xocoyotzin and Rodney. She's currently working as an Associate Production Designer for Microsoft Studios, and has worked on a number of game titles over the past few years including Bioshock Infinite, Ryse: Son of Rome, and the recently announced Fable Legends. She spends her free time drawing cowboys, dinosaurs, mummies, and quite a few historical princesses.

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