Monday, October 21, 2013

Podcast: Behind the Scenes - Rolemodels The Battle For Vyk'Tornaahl

10.21.13_Behind the Scenes - Rolemodels The Battle for Vyk'Tornaahl
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Behind the Scenes - Rolemodels The Battle For Vyk'Tornaahl
Length: 01:19:25
Synopsis: The Rolemodels exhibition opens this Friday, and The Battle For Vyk'Tornaahl decks are in our hands and ready to ship (which you can order now)! On this week's podcast, Lindsay, Jenny, Francesca and Chris talk about the genesis of the Rolemodels project, why your character choices might reflect something about yourself, and how went about the daunting task of designing a brand new card game from the ground up.

Show Notes:
Buy The Battle for Vyk'Tornaahl
Rolemodels Gallery
Board Game Geek


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