Wednesday, October 30, 2013



Let me just turn on a little mood music for you.

EDIT 11.10.13: Thanks, everyone for submitting for the Great Personality Exhibition! We'll be posting the contributing artist list shortly!

It's sexy-time you luscious babes. Time to turn on your charm and join us for an incredibly interactive pheromone-fueled pin-up show that incorporates the gorgeous superficial side, with the "insides that count". You see, our new show combines a little psychological science with the realities of why we lust the way we do. The Great Personality Show An Exhibition about the science of Allure, Ambiance and Attitude Opens January 2014 at Light Grey Art Lab 118 E. 26th Street #101 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 This is a no-holds barred, shameless sexy-show, filled with the intimate settings and the heart-throbs we secretly draw in our sketchbooks. Do you always fall for moody, misunderstood types? How about the authoritative, aggressive individuals? The smart and inexperienced people? Whatever does it for you, we are looking for your help in building a swoon-worthy show that will make you glad you didn't invite your grandma. But here's the twist! Of course, we all know there's much more than a pretty face - and we're ready to prove it. Inspired by the 16 Jungian / Myers Briggs personality types, we are creating an interactive exhibition that allows you to come face to face (and personality-to-personality) with your fantasies. For the duration of the exhibition, Light Grey Art Lab will be building, and releasing a series of interactive visual novel / dating sim games that will allow you to get up close and personal with ENFJs, INTPs, and INTJs. What is all this letter-nonsense - you ask? Well, it's more than meets the eye! So! We got to talking about our favorites and realized there's got to be darn good reason why I always fall for the Datas, the Kyoyas, the Otacons, the Garruses and the Egon Spenglers. (Well, now my all my dirty secrets are out.) So we decided to do some research and get to the bottom of it all. During the month of February we'll be discussing the allure behind our favorite personality types (both in fiction and in reality!)- in addition to all of the scientific bits and pieces of how 'chemistry' really works. Beyond that, we'll talk about the science of spaces and places -- why we are drawn to certain specifics and how this impacts us in our day-to-day interactions with each other. *** AND as a bonus- because this show has so much content and so many amazing facets, we are seriously considering printing an additional art book containing the whole process, artwork and the science behind the exhibition, including some incredible information on compatibility, the neurological and chemical science describing why passion and love last (or not) and tons of other thrilling content that makes it all make a little more sense. (TBD!) *** There are two different ways to be involved. We are looking for individuals that are interested in creating imagery for either a character, or an ambiance filled location. The gallery will be split into two sections for the Great Personality Show -- focusing on bringing attention to what we're drawn to, and why. More specifics for how this will work will be provided to the individuals that will join us in the exhibition. ONE MORE THING! This is one of the only exhibitions where we are asking for two pieces of artwork per person. More information on this will be provided to all artists after the closing of the call for art. We are blushing over here with anticipation. If you are interested in doing either, please list your name, links and preferences below like this: Example: Lindsay Nohl I am interested in both people and places. *** IMPORTANT NOTES!: This is a super-ambitious project for us at Light Grey because of the amount of programming and printing that is involved so we are asking that all individuals that are interested in joining us submit ONLY if you are willing to meet our artwork deadline of DECEMBER 11th. This project relies on the full participation of all selected artists. Thanks for understanding this super important detail! Best of luck to everyone! --Lindsay We'll be posting the final list of artists after NOVEMBER 8th! Questions? p.s. -- also this has not much to do with ANYTHING except the title of our new show is similar to the title of this fantastic video it's amazing (hooray for Liberace!)