Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Workshop with Sam Wolfe Connelly! STUDIO SELF_INDULGENCE! JAN 24 - 26


Great news! This January we've invited artist and illustrator Sam Wolfe Connelly to join us for a 2.5 day workshop called STUDIO SELF_INDULGENCE!

When we were thinking about who might be the perfect person to lead a workshop during the Great Personality exhibition, our minds immediately went to Sam! Sam's work skirts the border between sensual and mysterious -- dark and voyeuristic.

During the month of January will be talking about how ambiance and attitude make or break our perceptions of people and places, and we'll be taking a deeper look inside how we can add these things into our work and indulge ourselves in the process!

So if you're an artist that's looking to bridge the gap between your illustration work and your gallery practice, or if you've been more and more interested in finding ways of including the subjects you love in your professional work, this workshop is for you!


Sam has a series of really self-indulgent, challenging, and mysterious assignments to help focus on the important aspects of defining the essential moments, language and content of your work. As we begin to define the most compelling concepts and themes for ourselves, we'll analyze the question of "How do I do more of what I love."

Participants will be guided through the refinement and development of goals for 2014 through some incredible demonstrations on technique, ideation and practice, discussions on the creative industry, portfolio development and refining one's creative identity, and a chance to learn through a guest panel of illustrators (including guest artist Teagan White!) that have been able to bridge the gap between their commercial work and their personal interests.

All of this, of course, has been curated to be a very special experience and boy, do we have fun things in store for you. The Light Grey Team has curated our dinners, extracurriculars and events with a nod to the mysterious side of art making. We'll visit incredible history-filled mansions, explore ancient relics from the past, and get absorbed in the nuances of a time long past. (Did you know Minneapolis has a speak-easy?)

Plus, Sam will be doing an incredible public lecture on the first night, followed by the opening reception of the Great Personality Exhibition!

So get ready for an incredible time!
Details about the event can be found on our shop here!
The event is open to 18 participants and is OPEN TO LOCALS AND TRAVELERS!
So let us know if you have any questions and get ready for an incredible start to 2014!


ADDITIONAL DETAILS: (for a full list of details click HERE)
The workshop will include:
• Admission & Priority Seating for Sam Wolfe Connelly's Artist Lecture
• Workshop admission.
• A Light Grey Art Lab workbook and gift bag filled with creative materials for the weekend.
• Painting and Drawing technique demonstrations by Sam Wolfe Connelly
• Roundtable discussions on building recognition, reputation and defining your artistic identity
• A personalized workshop on assessing creative goals and developing personal practice including building a schedule for pursuing creative endeavors.
• Working alongside Sam during in-studio creative sessions.
• In-Studio collaborative exercises in developing character and environmental assets.
• An inside look at Sam's creative universe including insight into his gallery and illustration practice.

• Participation in the Opening Night mixer and reception of the Great Personality Exhibition!
• Admission fees to our off-site locations are included!
• Breakfast and morning coffee / tea is included both days.
• A behind-the-scenes look at how Great Personality, the interactive visual novel was created.
• Lunches & Dinners at some of Minneapolis's best mysterious eateries.
• Saturday night Mystery-filled Dinner (with Special Guest, Teagan White!)



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