Thursday, January 16, 2014

Make My Holiday 2013 Round Up (Part Two!)

Hooray! It's time for another Make My Holiday 2013 recap (if you need an explanation, check out part one!) So, without further ado, let's see what people got!

Make My Holiday 2013
Cute Elves! To: Cheryl Kook From: Amanda Erb

Make My Holiday 2013
Rainbow sword! To: Anna Laura Jacobi From: Leslie Boroczk

Make My Holiday 2013
Cat warrior! To: Karina Rehrbehn From: Chris Hajny (Also, check out a gif of Karina enjoying the present on her tumblr!

Make My Holiday 2013
Cool woodcuts! To: Ana Marta Huffstot From: CM Ringor

Make My Holiday 2013
Creepy girl! To: Adam Vass From: Katharina Netolitzky

Make My Holiday 2013
Cute Nutcracker! To: Ann Macarayan From: Angela An

Make My Holiday 2013
Cute warming pillows! Candy! Treats! Agh! To: Chris Hajny From: Karina Rehrbehn

Bonus! As Karina predicted, the cute cherry-pit filled pillows she sent me were quickly discovered by some of my cats. So here's a couple pictures of them enjoying the warmth!
Make My Holiday 2013Make My Holiday 2013
Until next time, happy belated holidays, everyone!

And again, if anyone out there who participated have any more pictures they want to send out way, we'll keep posting them! If you got something special in the mail from Make My Holiday, send us a photo to!

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