Friday, January 17, 2014


Get ready to meet your match in the Great Personality Exhibition, Project, and Interactive Dating Games!

We are absolutely thrilled and proud to present Great Personality, an exhibition and project about the science of attraction, ambiance, and allure. This sultry exhibition opens next Friday, January 24th from 7:00-10:30PM. We will begin with an optional, free artist talk with Sam Wolfe Connelly (In MCAD Auditorium 150) and then make our way over to Light Grey Art Lab to see all of the gorgeous, interesting, and personality-driven pinups of the exhibition and project!


This is not your traditional pinup show- it features a collection of illustrations and characters that are not only attractive, seductive, and fascinating, but also endearing and personable as each piece is inspired by the Myers- Briggs Personality Types. Connect with these characters and even find out more about yourself through these 16 unique personality types that are defined by life goals, energy, values, perspective, and understanding of the world around us. You can find out what your own personality type is here on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test.

CROP_Eden 2

Each of these characters is fully animatable and interactive in the Great Personality Dating Games! These are a series of four unique choose-your-own adventure games that allows you to get to know each of these characters, explore a new city, and even find love! The first game will be released at the opening reception on January 24th and available on the Great Personality Digital Gallery. There you will find the first of four games, information about the characters, teasers, trailers, and links to the online shop.


The Great Personalty exhibition is part pinup, part environment! We selected a group of talented illustrators to create intimate interiors and beautiful landscapes- places that are date-worthy, inspiring, and built for experience. Places are directly connected to our actions, thoughts, productivity, and feelings. They often set a tone for our physical, mental, and interpersonal interactions. See all of these landscapes and intricate spaces transform how we see the spaces around us- spaces as platforms for experience, love, and romance.


Each place is used as a background, living room, date spot, local coffee shops, and more, in the Great Personality Dating Games. You will slowly discover each place as you get to know your new world and all of the people that reside there. The first game will be available January 24! Keep an eye out on the Light Grey Art Lab Website.

We hope to see you at the opening reception and events! We are so happy to finally share and bring this project to life!


Artists include: Kyle Cahill, Wendi Chen, Lynn Wang, GeneviƩve FT, Jimmy Malone, Nichole ter Horst, Natalie Andrewson, Sandra Bradstaetter, Gloria Pizzilli, Celine Loup, Amanda Lazone, Alice Tse, Jen Mundy, Lindsay Nohl, Stacey Lee, Matt Edwards, Alison George, Evyn Fong, Shanti Rittgers, Richie Pope, Anissa Espinosa, Claire Hummel, Francesca Buchko, Katherine Diemert, Mildred Louis, Xanthe Bouma, Noreen Rana, Angi Pauly Llobet, Allison Strom, Alex Bahena, Angela An, Meg Hunt, Charlotte Mao, Manuel Kilger, Evan Monteiro, Caitlin Clarkson, Evan Palmer, Jenn Liv, Sarah Marino, Elise Hatheway, Kendra Phillips, Bill Ferenc, Claire Mojher,Leonard Peng, and Andrew Kolb

Game Design and visual novels by Lindsay Nohl Game Assets, text, and research by Chris Hajny, Francesca Buchko, Jenny Bookler, Rebecca Olene, and Amanda Ritchie


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