Monday, February 10, 2014

Podcast: Creative Love - Part Two

02.10.14_Creative Love - Part Two
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Creative Love - Part Two
Length: 00:57:27
Synopsis: This week's podcast is the second in a series of interviews with creative couples. First, we talk with Sam Bosma and Kali Ciesemier, two illustrators working side by side in Brooklyn, NY. Then we talk with Jessica Roux and Nick Stratton, an illustrator and industrial designer, respectively, also from Brooklyn, NY. We discuss how they work together, drive each other artistically, and how they deal with things like strange quirks and competitive tendencies.

Show Notes:
Sam Bosma and Kali Ciesemier
Sam Bosma: Website - Tumblr - Twitter
Kali Ciesemier: Website - Tumblr - Twitter

Nick Stratton and Jessica Roux
Jessica Roux - Website - Tumblr - Twitter
Nick Stratton: Behance

And there's still time to fill our our Dating Creative People Q&A!


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