Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bi-Weekly Challenge- Recap!

We just wrapped up the first official Bi-Weekly Art Challenge here at Light Grey Art Lab! It was a really great creative meetup, full of participants from around the twin cities. Through critique sessions and conversation, we were able to share the works made for the first challenge, exchange resources, and talk about some of our favorite mediums- It was an awesome and productive afternoon!

Bi-Weekly Challenge _Week1

The first challenge was 'Reversible Artwork.' Participants took this prompt in many different directions, from a repeatable pattern to an aerial view, a circular space to a flippable poster! All of the exercises had an interesting take on the topic, and allowed a new approach to making.

Bi-Weekly Challenge _Week1
You can check out details of all of the works submitted here.

Bi-weekly challenge is led by local designers, Jen Mundy and Tyler Bartel. They have tons of great ideas for the weeks to come, conversation topics, and resources available. If you have been looking for a way to get involved, challenge yourself, or make new work, feel free to send them a note and start making!

Bi-Weekly Challenge _Week1

Mark your calendars for the next Bi-Weekly Challenge Meetup, March 23rd from 1-4pm. You can check out the details on the Facebook Event Page and see the next week's topic on the Bi-Weekly Challenge website here. Next Topic: Location, location, location. A prompt all about environment, imagined and desired locations, and the spaces we create!

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