Monday, March 17, 2014

Podcast: Roll Up Those Sleeves

03.17.14_Roll Up Those Sleeves
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Roll Up Those Sleeves
Length: 01:07:32
Synopsis: On this week's podcast, Jenny, Chris, Francesca and Lindsay talk about Work with a capital 'W'. We start by discussing the ability to multitask, or in the case of a few lucky individuals, SUPERTASK! We also talk about fitting a healthy routine into a busy schedules, trusting your gut when it comes to business ventures, the motivations for achieving great things, and finally we tackle a divisive topic; the difference between doing what you love, and doing a J-O-B.

Show Notes:

Psychology Today - Meet The Super Taskers - By Kat McGowan
Slate - In The Name Of Love - By Miya Tokumitsu

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  1. I think that multitasking is such thing that not for everyone. Rather to make several tasks at one time, sometimes more efficient is to divide it to several tasks. For example, I did the same when I was working and studying. I practiced multitasking and I was so confused and because of this I used my grammar checker tool for 3 or 4 times becuse I was too scattered. After this, I didn't practice multitasking.