Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Animystics- Artists and Animals with Casey Crisenbery

Meet Casey Crisenbery. Casey is a Chicago-based illustrator and designer, who makes colorful illustrations, works on children's books, apparel, textiles and more! Casey has participated in several Light Grey Exhibitions and printed projects, such as the In Place: wish you were here, Macro + Micro Exhibition, and 6 Degrees Postcard Exhibition. It is always a pleasure to talk with Casey about his work and see his new projects for the shows! For the Animystics Exhibition, Casey shares his spirit animal, some of the history of these beings, and his our pet stories.

Casey Crisenbery

"My parents first dog, Melody, was my best friend growing up. She was a very sweet and mild mannered Shetland Sheepdog that always enjoyed your company."

Casey Crisenbery
Drastie Cove by Casey Crisenbery

"In Scottish tradition there are tales of 'Otter Kings' who were found traveling in packs. When captured, they would grant any wish in exchange for their freedom. The Otter skins were also prized for their ability to render a warrior invincible."

This is a sneak peek of Casey's work for the Animystics Exhibition. You can check out his work on the Light Grey Shop here, and you can see more of his work on his portfolio website here. All of the work for the show, all of the originals, prints, and handcrafted-works will be available on the online shop starting April 18th, and opening at Light Grey Art Lab on April 25th! Proceeds will be going to local shelters, the Animal Humane Society, Feline Rescue, and Homeward Bound Dog Rescue- it's for a great cause! Proceeds from Casey's work will go towards Homeward Bound Dog Rescue.

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