Monday, April 14, 2014

Animystics- Artists and Animals with Sarah Talmadge

The Animystics Exhibition is coming very soon, and we just can't wait to share all of the adorable animals and new artwork with you! To find information about the upcoming show, all of the contributing artists, and ways to donate, please check out the Animystics Facbeook Event page here. You can also donate to the Walk for Animals on the Light Grey team page here. Proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the Animal Humane Society, the Feline Rescue Inc., and Homeward Bound Dog Rescue.

Over the past several months we have been talking with artists about our favorite furry friends and the importance they play in our lives. Today, we are releasing the work of illustrator, Sarah Talmadge! Sarah was born and raised in Yokohama, and is currently an illustrator and animator at Disney Interactive. Below you can meet her adorable puppy, Chopper, and see a preview of her new piece for the Animystics show.

Sarah Talmadge

"Growing up I've had a series of odd pets, from chipmunks to hamsters to goldfish to tadpoles. I got a taste for dog ownership at 16, when my parents got Pippin, an adorably grumpy miniature schnauzer. Now that I'm living on my own I have my very own pup, Chopper, a 2 year old toy poodle. Depending on the weather, we're out and about enjoying the sunshine or staying warm on the couch with a nice, fluffy blanket."

Sarah Talmadge
Winter Offering by Sarah Talmadge

"As a spirit animal, the arctic hare can only be seen by the human that it is bound to. It can travel into the person's mind and revive long-forgotten memories."

You can find the original and signed prints of Sarah's work on the Light Grey Shop here. You can also check out more of here work and portfolio on her tumblr here. Proceeds from her work will be donated to Homeward Bound Dog Rescue.


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