Monday, April 14, 2014

Podcast: Animism - A Conversation with Ruth Voights

04.14.14_Animism - A Conversation With Ruth Voights
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Animism - A Conversation with Ruth Voights
Length: 01:13:47
Synopsis: This week Lindsay and Jenny are joined by the incredible Ruth Voights. Ruth has been teaching liberal arts for more than 30 years at Minneapolis College of Art Design. Ruth is an expert in myth, ritual, Native American culture and art, having been an instructor and a curriculum writer for the American Indian Studies program at the University of Minnesota.

As we talk with her this week, we ask a series of questions about the origin of totems, our associations with animals,
including taking on their qualities in instances of power, in our stories, and how other cultures incorporate animals into a combination of spiritual, family heritage, and mythical importance.

Show Notes:
Griever: An American Monkey King in China by Gerald Vizenor Vizenor

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