Sunday, April 13, 2014

Animystics- Artists and Animals with Justin Oaksford

Meet Justin Oaksford. Justin graduated from the Art Center in Pasadena, CA, and currently works as a concept artist and narrative illustrator at 343 Industries in Seattle! He has worked on projects such as Halo 4, Project Spark, and participated in several past Light Grey Exhibitions. He is also a current adjunct professor in the MFA program at Digipen Institute of Technology.

We are thrilled to work with Justin for the upcoming Animystics Exhibition, and really excited to see his inspirations for this project!

Justin Oaksford

"My roommate Bridget Underwood (who is also in this show!) and I have two cats we adopted, Koopa the Calico and Bowzer the Tortoise Shell. One is a drooly loner, and the other is a diva scaredy-cat who can't control her vocal chords, so she squeaks when she moves :D They've been such a healthy addition to our household and I couldn't live without them."

Justin Oaksford
On the Riverbank by Justin Oaksford

And here is a little history on this particular river otter, Lazuli:
"Lazuli is the guardian of a river. The River spirit, like all natural spirits, is a cold force. Her job is simply to flow. However, this River observed Lazuli, rescuing those who were sinking to the bottom, or leading those along who seemed lost. While the River could not help these people, it granted Lazuli a breath that could form a magical bubble- a tool to help her lead people along the river in safety."

Thanks, Justin- We are excited to hear more about your creature, all of it's powers, and mystical attributes!

You can check out more of Justin Oaksford's work on his portfolio site here. You can also see Justin's work for the Animystics Exhibition on the Light Grey Shop here. Proceeds from Justin's work will be donated to Feline Rescue Inc. All of the artwork will be released on the Animystics website and online shop on Friday, April 18th! Keep your eyes out for details!