Saturday, April 12, 2014

Animystics- Artists and Animals with Alyssa Winans

Meet Alyssa Winans. Alyssa is a RISD Graduate, and currently working in San Francisco as an illustrator in the gaming industry. She has worked on projects such as Harmonix/ Disney's Fantasia game, as well as many other freelance projects, books, and posters. Alyssa enjoys, "working on projects from home, growing tomatoes, and making experimental ice cream flavors!"

We are excited to work with Alyssa during the Animystics Exhibition! Here is a sneak peek at her piece for the show and her real life animal companion!

Alyssa Winans

"I only have two fish living with me right now: Hall & Oates. However, my favorite fuzzy companion is actually my sister's dog, who my entire family dotes on! Kuma is an Australian Shepherd/Husky Mix, as well as a rescue dog. Due to his severe anxiety issues and various health difficulties, no one would adopt him, and the shelter could not longer keep him. My sister in law saw that he needed a foster home, volunteered, and eventually kept him. In two years, he's gone from being terrified of faces to grudgingly accepting our copious amounts of love and affection.. he remains the gentlest, most sweet-tempered dog I've ever met. He also likes to 'herd' his stuffed animals around the house."

Alyssa Winans
Fight and Flight by Alyssa Winans

We asked each artist to tell us a little about this animal, the inspiration, and why this is their spirit animal. Alyssa said, "I was always very attached to rabbits/hares as a child, and that has only gown as an adult. Their ability to be fearful, quick, watchful, and curious has alway resonated with me..."

You can read more about this piece, check out the original, or purchase a print on the Light Grey Shop here. You can also see more work by Alyssa Winans on her website here.


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