Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Animystics: Artists and Animals with Jessica Roux

Meet Jessica Roux. Jessica is one of the exhibiting artists in the Animystics Exhibition. She is a Brooklyn based-illustrator and designer, originally from North Carolina. Jessica grew up surrounded by nature, and you can see the animal and nature influence in her work- she uses subdued colors and rhythmic shapes, rendering flora and fauna with intricate detail!

Elk in Nature by Jessica Roux "Elk in Nature" by Jessica Roux

"The elk comes to you when you are weak. It surrounds you with healing light, and passes its strength onto you."

Jessica Roux and Molly Jessica Roux and Molly

"I just became the mother to one AMAZING shiba inu, Molly. My fiance Nick and I had been looking for awhile for the perfect dog to expand our little family, and we stumbled across Molly while adventuring in the Village. She is the most amazing pet I've ever owned. Skillfully smart, calm and kind, she lifts my spirits every day."

You can see more work by this artist on her website here, and in the Light Grey Art Lab Online Shop. A portion of the proceeds from this artists work will go to Homeward Bound Dog Rescue


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