Thursday, May 1, 2014

Animystics: Artists and Animals with Alison George

Meet illustrator and student, Alison George. Alison was born and raised in sunny California, and is currently attending the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. Alison has participated in past Light Grey Art Lab Exhibitions, such as the Great Personality Exhibition and Game, and is currently participating in the Animystics Exhibition!

Alison George

Meet Alison's favorite little dog, Gwydion. "He was a buff little hombre that weighed all of seven pounds, liked to try and catch bees in his mouth, and would sleep curled up against my stomach when he'd sneak him into my room."

Alison George
The Glorious Victorious by Alison George

"The Karkaras are two dogs that have a unique ability to start and control fires. The two are so interconnected, that if one of them is killed, they both die. They will return to life when the grass turns brown."

You can check out more information about Alison's work on the Light Grey Shop. You can also see the entire collection of Animystics artwork and give back to the animal shelters by purchase artist work here. You can also see more of her artwork on her personal website!

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